Getting Organized Autistic Style Printable

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Are you frustrated with the typical paper planners?

Do you feel lost on how to create a routine and schedule you can stick to?

Our Getting Organized Autistic Style printable was created specifically for the autistic mind!

Common neurotypical paper book planners have blank spaces for the entire day, and looking at that blank space can become overwhelming when we don't know where to start.

Our Getting Organized Autistic Printable is a visual way to schedule your days and use our autistic need for routine. 

Can't get to a task that day? Check "Reschedule" and add it to another day under the "Rescheduled+" line.

Task doesn't need to be done anymore? Check "Cancel" and forget about it.

When a task is done, just check "Done" and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

It’s a simple method, but it works for our autistic minds!

Get our digital Getting Organized Autistic Style Printable and start getting organized today!