Resources for Autistic Adults (ebook)

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This is an ebook you can relate to. It's written by an autistic adult for autistic adults. It's filled with resources and wisdom to help you live your best and most authentic life.

This ebook addresses many topics that are important to the autistic community; such as masking and unmasking, life hacks, workplace accommodations, what to do after an autism diagnosis, and many other self-help topics. There is even a chapter dedicated to alexithymia.

Resources for Autistic Adults: Volume 1 is a collection of the most beloved articles, except for Chapter 10 and the introduction, which was written just for this ebook.

Take what you need in an easy-to-read format wherever you go. This ebook is in an epub format so you can easily read it on Apple Books for iPhones and iPads, along with Google Play books for Android phones and tablets, and any other app you use to read ebooks. 

The Amazon Kindle app and Kindle devices do not support epub formats, so you will have to purchase this ebook from Amazon to read on your Kindle device.

Resources for Autistic Adults: Volume 1 on Kindle. 

Audiobook version available on Audible and other audiobook retailers.