Feather Chew Necklace

160 kr



Are you looking for a chew necklace with a large pendant?

Do you focus better when you have something durable to chew on?

This Feather Chew Necklace can meet your chewing stim needs!

Many of us autistic adults like chewable necklaces that have a larger pedant size, so we aren't chewing on something too small and thin - that doesn't always feel pleasant.

Our feather chew necklace is 2.5" long and 1.2" wide or 32.5mm wide and 63.5mm long - plenty of space to chew on! It's made from durable silicone so you can stim even longer.

This chew necklace comes in six fun colors! Match your outfit with the grey, purple, blue, red, orange, and green styles!

Owner rating: Great for medium and light chewers

Grab your new Feather Chew Necklace while supplies last!


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