Project Planner for Innovators & Big Ideas


Do you have a project you need to complete? And feel lost on where to start?

Projects aren't always work or school projects. They can be re-organizing your home, creative crafts projects, and anything you can think of that you want to complete.

This Project Planner for Innovators is perfect for what you need and want to get done.

The colors are soft and pleasant, gentle on the eye, and the sections are organized so it's clear and easy to follow.

You start by writing out what your project is, your goal for the projects, and the project tasks.

Then you go to the Task Priority List and write in order what tasks most important to least important to help you know what to start working on first.

Once you have those sections completed, next is the daily project planner sheets. Each day of the week has its own daily schedule sheet.

It works in morning, afternoon, evening time blocks to help you have a general idea of what to do that day and when. Anything on your schedule can go into this section, not just project tasks.

There's an ideas for your project section to help you get creative, and notes for tomorrow so you know what to add to the next daily sheet.

Order your Project Planner today and start on your next big project.

Only available here on The Autistic Innovator.

Available to US, Canada, EU, UK, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand. International Shipping available.

  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 99 pages