The Autistic Innovator is carrying on the Mission of Autistic Bookshop (it's closed) that was a self-publishing bookshop for autistic authors. In efforts to be more inclusive, The Autistic Innovator is opening self-publishing submissions to all neurodivergent and autistic authors.

Authors keep their publishing rights and get 70% of the profit on every book sold. 

Want to learn more? Check out the infographic below the form.




Self-publishing with The Autistic Innovator: Self-publishing for autistic and neurodivergent authors. 1) Keep your publishing rights and self-publish anywhere you want. 2) Need help formatting your book for print and ebook? I can help with that at no cost to you. 3) Self-publish your book in a store made for autistic and neurodivergent people. 4) Get your book visibility in search engines. Google ranks new products and collections quickly. 5) Your book will be easily accessible to readers and not get lost amongst thousands of books. 6) All you have to do is send me your book files and I’ll take care of everything else.