If you are looking to find the right chew necklace for you but feel overwhelmed not knowing what to choose, this could be a helpful guide to help you find the right chewelry for you.

I am Ashley Lauren Spencer, the owner of The Autistic Innovator, and I have personally tested every chew necklace on this list. I am both a moderate and hard chewer, so I put the necklaces through rigorous testing to see how well they could meet all chew stimming needs. 

No matter what type of chewer you are, this collection has a necklace for you.

What are your chew stimming needs?

Everyone has different stimming needs with chewing. You could chew hard, medium, or light.

Hard chewers need durability and longevity in their chew necklaces. You might bite down hard on objects you use to chew stim with and can wear down the objects quicker. There are necklaces in this collection that can withstand hard chewers stimming needs.

Some light chewers like to bite down more softly and might have sensitive teeth. Chew necklaces that are thinner and slightly flexible could be a good fit for you.

Moderate chewers are in the middle of hard and light chewers. You might prefer both bendable chew necklace pendants that are softer to bite down on while also chewing and biting down hard sometimes too. It might take you longer to wear down your chew necklaces.

We will review nine chew stim necklaces to help you find the right one, all available here on The Autistic Innovator.

Which Chew Necklace is Right for You?

off white shark tooth chew necklace

Shark Tooth Chew Necklace

The Shark Tooth Chew Necklace is one of the most popular chew necklaces. If you are a moderate chewer, this is a great chew necklace for you.

When holding the pendant with your hands, the necklace is slightly bendable at the corners and rigid in the middle.

Depending on how hard you chew, the Shark Tooth Chew Necklace may or may not bend while chewing. It’s got a more stiff feel, which is excellent for those who are moderate chewers.

The pendant is thinner and fits nicely between your teeth. The triangle shape makes the corners easily chewable from only one side of your mouth. It’s not wide enough to chew on with all of your teeth at once, but it's great for the side chewers.


Best for Moderate Chewers


teardrop chew necklaces in a row with black, turquoise, magenta, purple, and white pendants

Teardrop Chew Necklace

The Teardrop Chew Necklace is perfect for sensitive teeth and light chewers.

It’s got a smooth, soft feel that’s easy to bite down on and doesn’t feel stiff when chewing on the pendant.

When biting down on the pendant, it feels cushiony. It’s still firm enough to be durable but is much more gentle on the teeth for those needing something softer.

This chew necklace is also great for those who like to chew with all their teeth at once. The pendant is a larger size, so it's perfect for that type of stim chewing.

There are no ridges or textured sides like most of the necklaces in this collection, making this an excellent fit for light chewers with sensitive teeth.

Hard chewers could wear down this pendant quickly with strong chewing.

Another plus is that it looks like a regular fashion necklace and is much more discreet.


Best for Light to Moderate Chewers


prism pendant chew necklaces in a row from blue, purple, light blue, red, and green

Prism Pendant Chew Necklace

The Prism Pendant Chew Necklace is exceptionally durable.

I spent five to six hours a day, two days in a row chewing nonstop on this pendant, and it withstood all my moderately hard chewing. Not a single scratch or dent on it, and it did not break.

It’s a thin and long pendant, so it fits nicely between your teeth without having to open your jaw so much.

The pendant has a stiff and more rigid feel, but this is what makes it so durable. 

Moderate to light chewers could find this necklace too hard for your chewing needs. But this is a great necklace for you if you are a hard chewer.


Best for Moderately Hard Chewers


blue feather shaped chew pendant necklace

Feather Chew Necklace

If you’re looking for a softer chew necklace to stim with, this Feather Chew Necklace is a good fit for you.

The feather pendant is flexible and bends while you are chewing on it, which is ideal for those who want a more gentle stimming experience. It could also be suitable for those with sensitive teeth.

The pendant has indents to create the feather design, but you don’t feel them when you chew.

It also has a thinner feel and is less thick than other necklaces in this chew necklace collection.

Hard chewers might find this necklace to be too flexible for them.


Best for Light to Moderate Chewers


textured pendant chew necklaces in a row from yellow, peach, pink, red, and purple

Textured Prism Chew Necklace

This Textured Prism Chew Necklace is one of my favorites.

It’s barely flexible and has a stiff feel with your hands, but biting down hard on the pendant is like chewing on a squishy pillow. Even if you lightly chew on it, the pendant gives a light squishy feel.

There are lightly textured bumps on the bottom half of the pendant where you chew, so I wouldn’t recommend this one for sensitive teeth.

The Textured Prism Chew Necklace is a winner for light to hard chewers. I rate this perfect for every type of chewer.


Best for Light to Hard Chewers


bar pendant chew necklaces in a row from yellow, blue, green, red, white granite colored, and orange

Bar Chew Necklace

The Bar Chew Necklace is flexible yet firm at the same time, which makes it highly durable.

When biting down hard on the pendant, it has a slightly squishy feel and gives a bit of resistance no matter how hard bite you down.

It would take a lot of hard chewing to wear this necklace down, and you can always get this necklace in a 10-pack if you need more than one.

I wouldn’t recommend this necklace for light or moderate chewers, as the resistance when biting down lightly or moderately would feel too rigid.

However, this is the perfect necklace for you if you are a hard chewer.


Best for Hard Chewers


green block chew necklace showing the building block toy like front and the textured bumps on the back

Block Pendant Chew Necklace

The Block Chew Necklace pendant looks like a building block with circle ridges on the top and lightly textured bumps on the back.

It’s slightly flexible and has a firmer feel, which is excellent for hard chewers.

When you bite hard on this Block Chew Necklace, this chew pendant has a cushiony pillow-like feel. The harder you bite down, the softer it gets.

This necklace is a good fit for moderate to hard chewers.


Best for Moderately Hard Chewers


modern pendant chew necklaces from grey, black, turquoise, red, and blue

Modern Pendant Chew Necklace

This Modern Pendant Chew Necklace has a wider square shape with a rectangle cut out in the middle. One side of the pendant has striped textured rows, and on the other side are textured bumps.

If you like to chew with all of your teeth at once, or the front half of your teeth, this is a great fit for that type of chewing.

Due to the square shape, it is a bit harder to chew this pendant with only one side of your mouth at a time.

To test this necklace, I chewed on it with most of my teeth at once. When you bite down on the pendant, it bends slightly in an upward curve, making it easier to chew on because of its flexibility.


Best for Light to Moderate Chewers


b-shaped chewy stick from green, red, and purple

B-Shaped Chewy Stick

Chewy sticks are an alternative to chew necklaces.

They come with a handle to hold onto the stick while you chew the top stick portion.

The B-Shaped Chewy Stick has a nice sized handle that is a perfect fit to hold with a few fingers at once.

It has a softer feel when chewing on it and is very flexible.

Because of its flexibility and softness, this chewy stick is best for light chewers.


Best for Light Chewers


When you are new to the world of chew necklaces, it can feel overwhelming not knowing which one would be best for you.

If you don’t know what kind of chewer you are, I recommend starting with a necklace made for moderate chewers.

Starting with a moderate chew necklace can help you determine whether you prefer softer and more flexible necklaces or heavy-duty pendants made for hard chewers.

The Shark Tooth Chew Necklace is perfect for those in chew stim self-discovery. It’s firm yet flexible and thinner so it fits nicely between your teeth.

I hope this in-depth review guide to the chew necklaces in my store helps you choose the right chew necklace for you.

Ashley Lauren Spencer