Teardrop Chew Necklace



Are you looking for a chew necklace that looks more like fashion jewelry?

You can stop your search, because you have found it!

This Teardrop Chew Necklace resembles a popular teardrop stone with it's shape and smooth texture. It's a chewable necklace that says fashionable and stylish!

Not only is it fashionable, but it's made with durable silicone so you can stim for longer.

Our Teardrop Chew Necklace comes in 5 trendy colors. We have magenta, turquoise, black, purple, and white - all great colors to go with your favorite outfits!

Can't decide on your favorite color? With a price this low, you can get multiple colors to match your wardrobe!

Owner rating: Good for medium and light chewers

Grab your new favorite Teardrop Chew Necklace before it sells out!


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