Sagino Weighted Cooling Blanket

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Do you get hot easily when you sleep?

Do you love weighted blankets, but get too warm laying under them?

Hit the reset on your sensory system every night with this Sagino Weighted Cooling Blanket!

It's made with breathable fabric to keep you cool at night.

With this Sagino Weighted Cooling Blanket, you can get the calming weighted pressure you need to give you a great night's sleep!

The weight comes from glass beads sewn into the small quilted pockets to give an even distribution of weight. 

Since the quilted pockets are smaller, you won’t have the raining sound of glass beads like other weighted blankets! The Sagino Weighted Cooling Blanket is silent while you sleep.

Stay cool at night and soothe your sense of touch with this Sagino Weighted Cooling Blanket!

Limited quantities available. Get yours while supplies last!

*Each blanket comes with one soft weighted eye mask.*

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