Awesomely Autistic: a coloring book for autistic people

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Awesomely Autistic isn't your typical autism coloring book. It's filled with positivity and encouragement for autistic people.

We are good as we are and deserve acceptance and a happy life. While coloring this book, you can ingrain all these encouraging statements in your mind and remember them as you live your autistic life.

Autistic adult parents can color this book with their autistic little ones too. This coloring book also has 2 pages for the little autistic people and they can color the autistic infinity symbol instead of puzzle pieces.

Color away and fill your mind with positivity. Being autistic is a good thing.

Show you accept your autistic loved one for who they are and give this coloring book to them as a gift.

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• 8.5" x 11" / 22cm x 28cm size

• 52 pages

• 25 drawings

• Premium paper

• Glossy cover