Fox Plush

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**Note: This Fox Plush does not come this matted. Fur is very soft and smooth when it arrives. The matting is the result of me sleeping with it every night for 5 months straight underneath my 20lb (9kg) weighted blanket.**


Do you love foxes?

With their graceful ways and wild puppy like personalities, there's a lot to love about foxes.

Now you can own a fox of your very own with this Fox Plush.

This fox is so soft and soothing, and it's the perfect shape for cuddling.

It comes in 3 different super soft sizes so you can choose whichever size fits with your growing plushie collection.

Order today and add this cuddly Fox Plush to your collection.

  • Medium length: 45cm / 18 inches
  • Large length (size pictured): 55cm / 22 inches
  • Jumbo length: 65cm / 25.5 inches

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