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  • Best Chew Necklace: Which One is Right for You?

    Best Chew Necklace: Which One is Right for You?

    If you are looking to find the right chew necklace for you but feel overwhelmed not knowing what to choose, this could be a helpful guide to help you find the right chewelry for you.

    I am Ashley Lauren Spencer, the owner of The Autistic Innovator, and I have personally tested every chew necklace on this list. I am both a moderate and hard chewer, so I put the necklaces through rigorous testing to see how well they could meet all chew stimming needs. 

    No matter what type of chewer you are, this collection has a necklace for you.

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  • Best Fidget Toys for Adults: Luxury Fidgeting

    Best Fidget Toys for Adults: Luxury Fidgeting

    Whether you are autistic, ADHD, have anxiety, or all of the above, fidget toys can be a great way to help prevent us from becoming overwhelmed. Plus, they can be a lot of fun!

    Fidget toys come in many forms, shapes, and sizes to match any fidgeter's needs.

    Fidgets are not just the common ones, they can also be chew necklaces and fidget jewelry.

    So let’s dive into which fidget toys are the best for any fidgeter.

    Disclaimer: Our fidget toy collections have 85+ fidget toys total available worldwide. All the fidget toys in this article are from our collections.

    What are the best fidget toys for adults?

    There are a massive number of fidget toys out there for adults. Fidgets don’t have to be the common fidget toys for kids, they can also be luxury fidget toys meant for adults (our specialty).

    Adults have so many options for fidgeting - more than you think!

    We will cover the best luxury fidget toys, best fidget jewelry, classic fidget toys, and even chew necklaces for adults.

    Best Luxury Fidget Toys for Adults 

    Fidget pen

    Fidget Pen

    This fidget pen can be used as a pen, fidget spinner, fidget toy, and stylus pen for your phone or tablet.

    You can fidget with the levers on the pen or put your fingers on the center circle piece and spin it around like a fidget spinner.

    Both the pen and stylus ends are retractable so you can use it anyway you’d like.

    Just check out this demo video on the Fidget Pen page to see it in action.


    Industrial Style Fidget Spinner

    Industrial Style Fidget Spinner

    The Industrial Style Fidget Spinner works as a desk spinner and hand fidget spinner.

    There’s a fidget spinner you can take off and spin with your hands, or place it on the base station and spin it like a desk spinner.

    It’s a great one-of-a-kind luxury fidget toy made for adults.

     Spinner Desk Fidget Toy

    Spinner Desk Fidget Toy

    The Spinner Desk Fidget Toy is not just a way to fidget with your hands.

    It also makes beautiful swirling patterns as it spins. It is mesmerizing to look at while it spins around.

    You just place your fingers around the ball and spin it in either direction.

    It’s a great way to fidget without having to hold a fidget toy, as it sits on your desk or table.

    Gear Chain Fidget Stim Toy

    Gear Chain Fidget Toy

    This Gear Chain Fidget Toy allows you to fidget with one or both hands.

    Place your fingers on the chain and move the chain around the metal inner base to fidget.

    You can also use this as a fidget spinner by holding the largest silver part of this Gear Chain Fidget toy and spinning it around like you would a fidget spinner.

    Metal Fingertip Fidget Spinner

    Metal Fingertip Fidget Spinner

    This one-of-a-kind Metal Fingertip Fidget Spinner works by placing it around your finger, just as the name suggests.

    You can spin the inner piece to fidget while it sits on top of your finger.

    It remains securely in its base station as it spins.

    It’s a unique fidget spinner designed for adults who love to fidget.


    ultimate gear fidget spinner with 9 gears

    Ultimate Gear Fidget Spinner

    This Ultimate Gear Fidget Spinner is mesmerizing to watch the way the gears move while it spins.

    Hold it still and flick one corner gear and watch all 9 gears work together and moving on their own.

    You can also hold this like a fidget spinner and it will swirl around while the gears continue to move.


    metal magnetic rose gold base with metal silver ball

    Magnetic Ball Fidget Toy

    This amazing luxurious Magnetic Ball Fidget Toy is designed for adults.

    Each metal piece is magnetic so the ball can spin and move around all sides of the base.

    Just check out the product demo video to see it in action.


    Fidget Jewelry - Beautiful & Luxurious

    Fidget jewelry is perfect for adults who need to fidget. It’s discreet and wearable, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

    Fidget spinner rings work by allowing you to spin the top part of the ring on a track with your fingers when you feel like you need to fidget. Our rings are made from stainless steel, so they are built to last.

    The necklaces and spinner earrings work the same way.

    There are so many fidget rings and fidget necklaces to choose from. Whatever your style, we’ve got a fidget jewelry piece perfect for you.

    moon and star spinner fidget ring

    Moon and Star Spinner Ring

    This Moon and Star Spinner Fidget Ring is one of our bestsellers and a customer favorite.

    It comes in beautiful silver, gold and silver, and rose gold.

    Watch the moon and stars glide as it spins around.


    wedding spinner fidget ring

    Wedding Spinner Fidget Ring

    Another customer favorite, the Wedding Spinner Fidget Ring, is high-quality and lasts through all your fidgeting needs.

    This gorgeous wedding band style ring comes in black, silver, and gold.


    glitter spinner fidget ring

    Glitter Spinner Fidget Ring

    This sparkly Glitter Spinner Fidget Ring is perfect for those who love a little shimmer in their jewelry.

    It comes in glittery rose gold, rainbow, gold, and black colors.


    chain spinner fidget ring

    Chain Spinner Fidget Ring

    The Chain Spinner Fidget Ring is amazing and comes in 4 different colors. You can get this in silver and black, blue and black, silver, or all black.

    To fidget, you spin the chain around the ring. The ring stays in place and only the chain will move while you fidget.


    fidget ring with beads

    Fidget Ring with Beads

    When you are looking to add more variety to your fidget ring collection, this Fidget Ring with Beads offers a different ‌fidgeting experience.

    It has small beads you can move around the ring while you wear it.

    Similar to a spinner ring, with this one you can move and separate the beads in any direction you’d like.

    This ring comes in silver, gold, and rose gold, so you can choose your favorite color.


    gold windmill spinner stim earrings with sparkling stones on the windmills

    Windmill Spinner Fidget Earrings

    Fidgeting, pulling, or rubbing our ears when we need to fidget can leave red marks and sensitive skin. There’s a great way to direct this fidgeting habit into a new one.

    Fidget earrings provide a safer jewelry alternative to fidget with instead of pulling or rubbing your ears.

    These Windmill Spinner Fidget Earrings give you a unique fidgeting experience by allowing you to spin the sparkling windmill around in either direction to fidget.

    The earrings are a great fidget jewelry piece for adults, and the best part is there's a Windmill Spinner Fidget Necklace to match!


    gold and silver flower necklaces with sparkling stones

    Flower Spinner Fidget Necklace

    If you rub, scratch, pick, or otherwise fidget with the skin on your chest, collarbone, or neck, there’s a better way to redirect that extra fidgeting energy into a new habit with this Flower Spinner Fidget Necklace.

    Spinner necklaces work similarly to the spinner rings and spinner earrings. You can hold on to the necklace pendant and spin it around in either direction to fidget.

    They spin fast on its track or you can hold it with your fingers and twist it around.

    This Flower Spinner Fidget Necklace is a gorgeous way to fidget because the pendant sparkles while it spins.


    classic style black necklace with a sparkly stone windmill shape that spins

    Classic Style Spinner Fidget Necklace

    Similar to the Flower Spinner Fidget Necklace, this Classic Style Spinner Fidget Necklace pendant spins on its track.

    It’s got a classic, sophisticated style that is not only a fun way to fidget, it also looks stylish with any outfit.

    The sparkling stone center can be spun in either direction to fidget whenever you need to release anxious energy or simply because it’s fun to fidget with.

    You can use your fingers to make it spin quickly around, or you can hold on to it and twist it around in either direction to get a satisfying fidgeting experience.


    Best Fidget Spinners for Adults

    rainbow fidget spinner wind variation

    Rainbow Fidget Spinner

    This gorgeous little Rainbow Fidget Spinner makes swirling patterns as it moves in multiple directions. It's mesmerizing to watch.

    Check out the video on the Rainbow Fidget Spinner product page to see it in action.


    brass fidget spinner shruriken variation


    Brass Fidget Spinner

    The Brass Fidget Spinner comes in 5 unique designs perfect for adults who love to fidget.

    It's high-quality, durable, and has a fast spin. It's an endless amount of fidgeting fun for adults.


    glow in the dark fidget spinner and all the swirling patterns it makes

    Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget Spinner

    This Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinner gives off a mesmerizing glow with swirling patterns and designs.

    It's the perfect addition to your fidget spinner collection.


    Best Classic Fidget Toys for Adults

    image showing the 5 color options of the acupressure rings, red, white, blue, green and yellow

    Acupressure Rings

    Tactile fidgeting can have a positive effect on our anxiety levels.

    Acupressure Rings allow you to both keep your hands busy and release the anxiety through tactile texture and compression.

    You fidget with these rings by rolling them up and down your finger. You can place them on any finger, or switch between fingers to get the fidgeting relief you want and need.

    person with green painted nails wearing the silver acupressure bracelet around their wrist

    Acupressure Bracelet

    Similar to the Acupressure Rings, the Acupressure Bracelet goes around your wrist and can be rolled up and down your arm to give you the soothing tactile sensation and pressure.

    If you rub or pick the skin around your wrists or arms, these can redirect that energy into a healthier alternative.

    rainbow metal fidget cube spinner

    Fidget Cube Spinner

    This nifty little Fidget Cube Spinner allows you to fidget in multiple ways.

    You can spin it by holding on to the corners of the cube. The smaller inner pieces will spin the larger outer part around and vice versa.

    Inside is also a tabletop spinner you can spin around on the table.


    Push button fidget cube in a galaxy print

    Push Button Fidget Cube

    This Push Button Fidget Cube is exactly what the name describes. It comes with lots of buttons and levers to push and turn.

    It comes in multiple colors and patterns so you can choose your favorite.

    Fidget away with this classic fidget toy for autistic adults.

    Chewy Fidgets for Adults

    What is a chewable fidget, you may ask?

    People who like to chew on items to fidget, either knowingly or subconsciously, can benefit from having a chewy fidget that’s made for chewing.

    If you often chew on pen caps, straws, clothing sleeves, ropes on hooded sweatshirts, and anything else, these chewy fidgets could be a great option for you.

    Even if you’re not always chewing things, but biting down on these items instead, chew necklaces can help with that. You can bite down and hold them in between your teeth when you need to focus and fidget.

    Here are some of our favorite chewable fidgets.

    teardrop shaped chew necklaces in white, purple, magenta, turquoise, and black

    Teardrop Chew Necklace

    Chew necklaces can also have a fashionable appearance, and this Teardrop Chew Necklace has that stylish look.

    The pendant is larger, with enough surface area for moderate chewing.

    It’s also made from silicone and easy to clean. The rope is easily removable when you want to give it a wash.

    This is a great option for fidgeters who have the chewing habit.

    shark tooth shaped chewable necklace pendant attached to a black rope necklace cord

    Shark Tooth Chew Necklace

    When you are a moderate chew fidgeter, this Shark Tooth Chew Necklace is a great fit for you.

    It’s a good size and can handle your chew fidgeting needs.

    The necklace comes in 4 different colors so you can choose your favorite color.

    Feather shaped chew necklace in sky blue color

    Feather Chew Necklace

    This Feather Chew Necklace has a good amount of surface area for all your chew fidgeting needs.

    Similar to the necklaces above, it’s great for those who need to fidget by chewing.

    bar chew necklace with smooth texture top and a bumpy bottom texture on the bottom in a white marble color

    Bar Chew Necklace

    This Bar Chew Necklace is a customer favorite because of its thicker flexible material and larger surface area for chew fidgeting.

    With its smooth and textured sides, this chewable fidget necklace is perfect for those who like a little extra tactile sensation when you need to fidget.

    You can also get this Bar Chew Necklace in a pack of 10.

    smooth chewable pen caps in green, light blue, dark blue, purple, and red

    Smooth Chewable Pen Caps

    If you often chew up your pen caps or bite them, you can add this nifty Smooth Chewable Pen Topper to your pens.

    It’s much easier on your teeth than chewing a hard plastic pen cap or pencil.


    Best Fidget Toys for Adults

    All the fidget products we've mentioned are available here on The Autistic Innovator. We have 85+ fidget items (also known as stim products in the autistic community) to choose from.

    We hope you've found something you will love so you can fidget the luxury way!

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    Autistic Imposter Syndrome has hit us all at some point. Even if we are out and proud of being autistic, we can still question if we are autistic enough to relate to our community.

    If you’ve asked yourself questions like, “Am I really autistic? Or is it just in my head?” You are not alone.

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    There are several things we can do to reduce our sensory overload and possibly improve our executive functioning.

    Here are some life hacks for autistic adults that might help you.

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